Racine PSV-40 Vane Pump

Racine PSV-40 Vane Pump

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Flange mounted and it is a RH rotation pump. It has a keyed shaft. The range from the mounting flange to the middle of the port is larger by 3/8″. Coupling system is wet model. The main pump doesn’t have a rear shaft seal. It does this so the adapter can fill up with fluid so the emollient greases and cools the coupling. On the (A) part the trailing pump on a SV-40,80,100 it has extra holes for mounting. On the unit opposite (A)
when the weight goes above 65 lbs you have to use this part. And put roll pins before you put it together.

All the kits have two bearings, one rotor, one set of vane, one pressure ring, four roll pins, one or two keys, one seal kit and two port plates.

The first stage has to be bought with the second stage at the same time.

this is RH rotation

What model code means

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