Oil Hydraulic Flow Dividers & Intensifiers FD30/FD50/FD75

Oil Hydraulic Flow Dividers & Intensifiers FD30/FD50/FD75

Oil Hydraulic Flow Dividers & Intensifiers FD30/FD50/FD75

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These flow dividers help to coincide with the procedure of numerous cylinders or motors. They also aid in the distribution of the flow contributing to the requirements of each system. The pressure intensifiers help to raise the pressure that is accessible to a certain system that goes outside the pump’s relief valve setting. It also lowers the time at which the pump can operate at higher pressure.

Porting on these FD30, FD50 adn FD75 flow dividers goes thru the gear housing or bearing carrier, otherwise gong thru the port and covers can be had on special orders.

Telescopic Crane has a priority outlet valve and flow divider that give assurance of power to the steering circuit. The second flow gives two speed lifting and auxiliary services.
Excavator circuit that uses special features and mid inlet partition in a valve to produce intermittent high pressures to primary machine solutions.
Container Handler have priority outlet valves that give steady self reliant flow to two prime services on a container side loaders steering and distant control circuit. While some flow offer lifting and auxiliary services.

The data dimensions show on the different units of the FD30/31, FD50/51 and FD75/76.

Rotary flow dividers run by themselves and no pilot signals or any additional devices are needed to start the application.

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