RE Series Hydraulic Motor

RE Series Hydraulic Motor

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These are medium heavy duty motors. When pressure starts to ramp up during start up, the balance plate starts in and gives low internal leakage for the utmost starting torque. The roller stator is known to be apart of these motors makeup. This type of application uses the rollers for sealing certain points of the rotor assy.

The motor has pressure ranges up to 4000 PSI and flow rate up to 25 GPM. It has eleven displacements that go from 7.4-45.6 cubic inches. They have quite of bit options on mounting flanges and output shafts. Also available are the bearing, integral relief ports and speed sensing options.

Some characteristics are closed end keyways, three zone rotor sets, pressure balanced valve and viton shaft seal. There are a few options like free turning, relief port housings, putting in relief valves, declutch hub and single & dual speed sensors.

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