DR Series Hydraulic Motors

DR Series Hydraulic Motors

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If you need a medium heavy duty motor then this is the unit for your heavy duty fluid operations. These motors off a three zone, orbiting disk valve that include a spring biased face seal. This motor uses a Rollor Stator format. It uses rollers for significant sealing points of the rotor assy. By using this it will reduce leaking and not so much internal friction that the end result is higher mechanical and volumetric productivity for this motor. It uses viton shaft seals.

Pressures range up to 4000 PSI and rates of flow up to 40GPM. It has eight displacements, different mounting flanges and alot of options on output shafts. There are different alternatives for bearings, integral relief port, speed sensing and integral brake choices.

Listed below are some specs on this unit. And if you need more info on this motor, give us a call at 800-361-0068


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