SP-20A Series Gear Pump

SP-20A Series Gear Pump

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These pumps are very reliable and have even pressure loading that will allow small dispersion. The thru bore will give you an alignment of pump element that gives you an even bearing load. This little pump offers high pressure operation. With an addition of gear teeth it has diminished the flow pulsation and reduced the noise.

A blend of PTFE bearings are changed due to the way it tackles heavy loads, low shaft speeds and maximum levels of contamination. The PTFE can take on high levels of contamination that want hurt the pump. The PTFE is also self lubricating it reduces bearing wear and tear if no oil film is on there.

The maximum speed is 2500 to 4000 when you use SAE 10W oil. The inlet pump doesn’t need to go over 5 inches of mercury vacuum or 14 psi positive pressure. Ports on there are SAE straight thread with oring boss for SP20 and SP25. You also can get SAE flanges if need be.

A good working oil needs to have additives to make sure there is no corrosion going on, needs oxidation and foaming is suggested. To have viscosity at any running requirement need to be 45 SUS minimum and 250 SUS max. and 180 degrees F is the max. suggested temperature for operations.

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