Series 25X Hydraulic Pump

Series 25X Hydraulic Pump

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On the performance data it shows gear widths, but if you need different sizes here is how to do that, multiply vales in the tables below by the actual gear width.

On single unit assy. codes you will need to put together shaft end cover, port end cover, gear housing and drive shaft codes. A P or M needs to in front of the code number, P for pump and M for motor. Below is a chart for the single series.

To do multiply units will be the same as single except for different components you will need to add those to get the correct part. Also, each gear unit will need to be made known so the right code for a bearing carrier, the right gear housing and connecting shaft.

These units also come with gear sections going from 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ increments that helps with the displacements from 1.275 to 6.375cu per revolution. You can put two or more gear sections on one drive shaft to give larger flows, give to other circuits or make a smoother and strong motors.

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