P330/P350/P365 Hydraulic Pumps

P330/P350/P365 Hydraulic Pumps

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These types of pumps and motors were made to endure long lengths of run time while running pressures at 3500 psi.

The mountings are a SAE B 2 and 4 bolt flange and a SAE C 2 and 4 bolt flange. The shafts and covers on them can use a single or twin shaft seal. If you have twin seals a tapped drain hole is made available. You can have either CW or CCW rotations and motors are bi directional.

They suggest you use direct drives. Radial load acceptable when you have an optional outboard bearing. The housings are cast iron to have long life wear and tear. They come in single or various assemblies. The drive shafts and gears are made in one piece for durability and for strength. Journals and gear teeth are blazed and grounded to a precise finish.

Below are performance data showing gear widths and output psi.

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