WV Packing General Uses

WV Packing General Uses

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Just as the packing suggest “W” design that is the outline of the seal. These seals are made from different standard material and fabric that is reinforced alloys  that will accommodate most pressures and its surroundings.

The strength of the fabric or material is based on several conditions, operating pressure, temperature and the kind of air or medium  that the packing needs to function at.

This packing has center rings (CR), flat bottoms (FB) or deep base (DB) for the options. On the deep base it gives some extra sturdiness and constancy for use in single element rod or piston operations and deep base types have homogenous material. The center ring and flat bottom types come in  either homogenous or fabric.

You can use these types of seals in such equipment as pneumatic equipment, off road equipment, service station equipment, industrial machinery, submariges and etc.                                                                             Call us at 800-361-0068  sales@hydrostatic-transmission.com

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