DT Series Motors – General Information

DT Series Motors – General Information

DT Series Motors – General Information

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This little motor puts out a lot of torque to the direct drive to motor/gearbox operations. These motors use a three phase orbiting disk valve that puts into motion a spring biased face seal.  The DT motors use a Rolen Stator format. The format uses a roller the sealing points of the rotor assy. The main aspect of this type of seal are cut down on leaking and not so much friction of internals that produce better mechanics and volume than other formats of applications.

These type of motors can also be used on Char Lynn 8000 and 10000, Danfoss OMT and OMV and Parker Nicholas 310.

Some of the attributes of these motors are:

Viton Shaft Seal – high pressure

Great Start Up

Heavy Duty Bearing

Case Drain

Best Drive Link

and so much more. There are other choices you can use on these motors, shuttle valve end covers, relief port housings, brake choices and single/dual speed sensors.

Below is a diagram and breakdown for more information on these types of motors.

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Setback Brake Motor
Bearing Motor
Standard Motor

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