Pressure Reducing Valve Control

Pressure Reducing Valve Control

Pressure Reducing Valve Control

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These types of valves are to guide pressure on a certain place of a circuit, below standard system pressure. The manapak variety of valve is made to execute the operation as it mounts directly below the directional control valve. The PRM3 & PRM6 have a 3000 PSI rating, while the PRM2 has a 4500 PSI rating. The least PSi is 150. If you have any changes in the flow, temperature or fluid rating it will affect the low end of the PSI rating.

When you hook up the vent port to the tank it will let the reducing valve to transfer flow at the least amount of pressure. If you have a remote control valve that is hooked to the vent port of a PRM it will be used to control the pressure.

Drain line from the pilot valve that is inwardly hooked to the tank port it is also added to the valve setting.

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