John Deere 755B Crawler Charge Pump

John Deere 755B Crawler Charge Pump

John Deere 755B Crawler Charge Pump

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Take off the bottom guard. The reservoir is a little bit pressurized as the oil is heated up because it being a closed system. Next take the filter plug and un-tighten it slowly to let the pressure out in the reservoir. Then take out the plug and drain it out.

Make sure you clean the parts. Spread the parts out with bronze side toward the gears. Now put the inner seal with the lip toward gears and outter seal with lip going away from the gears.

Put together with the notches aligning up.

Make sure the clean the charge pump and mark a line all the way across the housing, so when you put it back together they should line up. Take parts out and clean them with hydrostatic fluid. Put all the parts back in, if some need replacing, do so at this time. Put new seals and the lip toward the gears.

Take your cap screws out and take off charge pump and the oring. Whatever worn parts you have replace those. Put the charge pump back on after assembly and the oring. Fill up the reservoir. Do not start engine at this time, go to manual to see when and how to do that.

A- reservoir to charge pump line

B- charge pump to transmission pump line

C- cap screw and washer 2 needed

D- O ring

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