Other Types of AntiAdherent Bearings

Other Types of AntiAdherent Bearings

Other Types of AntiAdherent Bearings

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In the picture you will find the tapered roller bearings, they are like a fusion of a thrust bearing and journal bearing. And you will know it is a needle bearing because it is long, thin and they are good to use when you don’t have enough space to use other bearings. Ball thrust bearings and plain thrust bearings are used in the same manner. Ball bearings have a course of round balls in a casing that go within an inner and outer ring that can hold up to both radial and axial thrust loads

Another oil-less bearing, that is a sleeve or busing that is formed out of different kinds of material. Some may bronze coatings with graphite and some with metal powder molded to make a specific shape.

All bearings need lubrication, they are after all made to reduce the friction. The type of lubrication for certain jobs should be used according to manufactures suggestion. When you do use lubrication or grease the consistency or density at the temperature of the bearing you are using for a certain job. Like when bearings that are on certain types of equipment that are located in the warmest part of the need good lubrication so it will not thin out because it is so hot.

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