Hydraulic Controls

Hydraulic Controls

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There are different controls for different pump and motors. Listed below will be a brief description of some controls.

Two stage pressure compensator You will find that on SV pumps have a compensator that comes routine from the factory. These controls let the pump to compensate output flow to give coverage so the system can perform correctly. When your flow reduces, horsepower utilization is lessened, but the pressure stays the same.

Solenoid two pressure compensator The electrical actuator provide two separate adjustable pressures for pilot operation, two speed controls and solenoid actuators. If you restore the solenoid it make have high pressure and if you deactivate the solenoid it will produce low pressure.

Vane control This control get the electrical indicators from the programmed controls and equipment that has microprocessors in them will give the exact control of flow and pressure all by the use of a single pump control. It also has less valves and the controls are consistent with other parts that in that system.

Load sensing flow compensator This only uses power when it is needed to do the job. Also the flow and pressure are maintained at a constant rate no matter if the load or drive speed alters.

Torque limiting control This control gives consistent horsepower. It can curb the amount of power it draws or input torque it needs by letting the range of a lesser prime mover. When the system pressure modifies the pump makes adjustments for the output flow to sync up with the prearranged power limits.

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