Series SPM20 Tandem Motor

Series SPM20 Tandem Motor

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These two speed motors have two hydraulic motors and a pilot that is driven valving. The section has high speed or high torque that can be found by refining the wench drives, track drives and hydrostatic transmission. There are some unusual characteristics for these motors: they don’t have an external pilot pressure origin is needed and the shift can be done with different speeds and have a smooth application. And the motor want lag while it is shifting. The displacement of the two motors don’t have to be the same. If you have one outlet and one outlet that is all the way reversible.

The two sections are linked thru valving to the inlet /outlet ports. If you need low speed, high torque output, then you need to have the pilot port vented to the tank. On the other hand if you need high speed, lower torque the pilot port needs to be blocked, this will go the closed position. Next it will shift the flow thru the rear motor part. The front part will put out the grease thru the valve section and may need little horsepower while in this position, while it is redistributing.

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