Kawasaki K3V Series

Kawasaki K3V Series

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These are a piston pump series that was made with construction machinery in mind.

Here are the K3V Specs for different sizes

K3V Dimensions
K3V Mounting Direction & Drain Pump

The mount on the pump that has the shaft pointed horizontally. The drain line need to be put above the top of the pump case it gets to the tank. The upper drain port needs to be used and the drain pipe size needs to be about the same or bigger than the drain port size so that the drain pressure in the casing don’t go past .02mp

K3V Filtration

You will need to use a filter in the return line and a 80-150 mesh drainer in the suction line. They need to cleaned all the time.

K3V Connection of Driving Shaft

You will need a pliable coupling for connection of the pump drive shaft that goes on the engine flywheel or electric motor shaft. Don’t pump radial or thrust load at he shaft end. Alignment needs to be at +0.025mm

K3V Case Drain Pressure

Make sure the drain pressure in the casing don’t go over .2mpa and .6mpa is usually at it’s peak.

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