JT/RPJT/WJL/RPJL Relief Valves

JT/RPJT/WJL/RPJL Relief Valves

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Models WJT/RPJT/WJL/RPJL are very small and have a low silhouette format helps out in space to put these valves. The valves are used to prohibit the maximum pressure that can be a usable portion of the hydraulic circuit that is connected. They have a differential poppet reliefs, Model WJ will let pressure settings go up to 3000 PSI, pilot operated reliefs. Model RP will let pressure go up to 5000 PSI. It is an adjustable valve that can be reset and has a jamnut to lock the new settings. A shim set valve is left unaltered after it is installed because of the manufacturing variations.

Models JT and JL have two housings that are for tee mounting or inline mounting. It has an adjustable and non adjustable models, it is compact in size and has a replaceable seat. These valves can be used as a relief when it is installed within the pump and the first of a series of detached control valves. It also an be used as a line relief by putting it within a control valve port and actuator. Operating pressure is up to 2500 PSI.

The KL and RPL were made to last along time with a smooth execution. They can give over load protection for hydraulic circuits and for organized participates in tools and machines. The RPL pilot relief ball/ spring relief valves are available for adjusting or non adjusting. It also has an elective gauge port .

These JT and JL have the same characteristics as the other valves.

The KL and RPL valves have an inline mounting, it is adjustable, it is quite in working order and you can have a gauge port as an added option. The capacity on the RPL is up to 60 GPM and the KL is 38 GPM. The RPL maximum pressure 500-5000 PSI and the KL is 300-2000 PSI.

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