Features of Different Cylinders

Features of Different Cylinders

Features of Different Cylinders

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The King Cylinder

If you want side ports you can ask for for them, no extra charge. The stroke control is mounted on 8′ strokes. Pins and clips come with it. It has a u cup and urethane wiper in the gland. The piston is iron with a ductile iron butt, gland & clevis. It operates at full pressure thru 16″ strokes. The tubing is honed at SAE 9000/9100. It is 2500 PSI double acting tie rod.

The Royal Cylinder

It has a gland retainer. The piston and gland are made of iron. This cylinder is double acting at 2500 PSI,. On both ends it has a pin eye mounting. Also, it has a quad ring backup washer with a urethane wiper in the gland and has a iron ring for the piston seals.

The Gladiator Cylinder

They come with all steel spacer tubes for the bearing length on a 4 foot or more stroke. A crown seal with the bearing rings on the piston. Comes with a steel gland cap retainer with lock screw and a .75 NPTF full flow ports. The skived tube is made for long life seal. Has a polyurethane ucup and wipers in gland. It is a double acting cylinder of 3000 PSI on a 36″ stroke and less.

The Sword Cylinder

The stroke control can be put 8″ strokes and the pins/clips are provided. It has square ring gland retainer that gives a positive lock. This cylinder is double acting with a 3000 PSI. It has a c rown seal on the piston and a cut honed tubing. The piston, butt, gland and clevis are iron.

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