Cylinders ST & NW Series

Cylinders ST & NW Series

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These ST Series standard duty cylinders, they have 3000 PSI and a 2″ – 6″ bore and the NW Series are the medium duty . They have a 2500 PSI and bore size of 2″ to 4″. . The rod seals are polyurethane polypak. The piston seals are glass filled teflon with oring expander . Ports are SAE straight thread oring. The rod seals and pistons seals on the NW are buna oring with an anti extrusion back up washer.

There are some other features you can have added to your cylinder such as all ports will be located 90 degrees to pivot pin unless you want it another way. They can do port of N.P.T. manifold sub plates, flange ports, fluid line connections and cartridge blocks. It can have liner bearings that are self aligning spherical bearings lubricating and can align themselves and have grease fittings can be put on all pin eye and single lug mounts.

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