Series D31VW Top Side Plug In

Series D31VW Top Side Plug In

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This side plug in was made to work with a solenoid and a hydraulic control valve D1VW.

This plug in is made so that it has four solenoid circuit posts and has two lengthy ground post to help give a rapid connect or disconnect mating for electrical connections. The extra long post give a mate first break last application that lessons the likely hood of an accidental shock.

The plugin connector stream lines any speeds maintenance by getting rid of the need for creating any new electrical wire connections while taking off and/or substituting the valve.

You can have another valve that doesn’t have a conduit box on it, just have to specify which way you want it. You also have the option to have lights or no lights on a conversion kit, it helps with changing regular valves to the system.

Another attribute for this unit is a terminal strip that helps with the electrical connection of the solenoid and hydraulic control valve. The leads are connected to the underside of the terminal strip thru four binding screws. The electrical contact is executed by wiring the electrical leads to the top of the terminal strip by way of four binding screws.

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