Directional Control Valves

Directional Control Valves

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These valves have inner workings that are connected and disconnected by a movable part, a spool. Spool valves are the most common kind. The valve has a pump passage, tank passage and two actuator passages, known as a four way valve.

It’s purpose is to make a reverse motion of a cylinder or hydraulic motor. To make this happen the spool needs to make the spool have the flow go from the pump passage to the one actuator passage when it is in intense position. And at the same time, the spool is situated in a way that the other actuator passage is drained to the tank.

Four way directional control valve

Most valves have a bod and internal moving parts, meaning it has two positions – both extremes. And these two positions that are described are two different squares. The squares tell the arrows of how the spool connects the passages inside the body at that point.

When the two squares are symbolically they are connected together. But when they are on a circuit, it is just one square. When it is configured this way, the valve is shown while an actuator is moving in one way. To get it to move the other way then you will need to use the other square in the circuit.

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