WM30 Series Two Speed Motors

WM30 Series Two Speed Motors

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These units are reasonably priced, little winch motors that have a built in two speed valving that can go from low speed/high torque or in reverse high speed/low torque to give gearing on the fly a smoother shift. These units are great for loads that are linked to fast line speed, like winching.

WM30 motors are dependable roller bearing gear motors have a rating of 2500/3000 PSI and give a beginning torque up to 83% of conjectural in the low speed position.

Winch applications carry a counterbalance valve that is usually is in the circuit and could be mounted to the bearing receptacle. You do not need to use a two speed motor where counterbalancing goes both directions is needed.

It has distinct thrust plates and ring seals and out of phase 13 tooth gears are prevalent in winch motors to lessen the friction, it will enhance start up torque and low speed applications.

There are a lot of variations to shafts, mountings, porting and gear size, so you will have to let someone know all this when ordering or repairing.

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