WM Series Motors

WM Series Motors

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WM Series Motors

These types of motors work best with winches and other operations that have to have alot of torque to do the job.  WM motors are assisted by a computer program that helps with displacement, tooth strength and power operations. On a WM76 the displacement is 4.1 cir per inch of gear width and the WM51 displaces at 2.55 cir.

When instability occurs in displacement on motors when the torque is rotated is extremely low. The WM51 can be at 12% and the WM76 is 11%. Usually gears motors can average 19% either way on the displacement. Starting torque on the WM series is around 80% of the speculative torque and sustained at 100 RPM.

Both of these units have the same arrangement, gear widths and mounting alternatives as a M51 and M76.

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