Uses for T-Seals

Uses for T-Seals

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Uses for T-Seals

A T-Seal is a replacement for other seal kits or packing (standard grooves). They fit into the same grooves as orings and they don’t roll or spiral. It will be functioning under longer strokes or dry rod situations. There other characteristics for having these types of seals, it will not wedge into clearances or pinch off when in motion or pressure. It also also has low pressure sealing properties.

The t-seal has a backup on each side of the sealing areas and it works well in double acting situations.  Like some other packings, the t-seal is consolidated to get rid of low pressure leakage. The backup rings will glide between the t-seal flanges and the rod or bore, lessening the wear and tear.  When pressure is used, a bridge is established before extrusion will occur.

These seal utilizes hydraulic pressure to keep it in reach with the rod or cylinder wall, that helps prevent extrusion from happening.  They don’t have spiral failure. When you do have piston or rod movement occur, it will let the back up rings to lock with the sealing element in place.

There are alot of different applications for this type of seal:

Valves and Pnuematic Equipment

Off Road Equipment

Farm Machinery

Oil Drilling


Construction Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Pumps and Presses

Mining Equipment

Service Station Equipment


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