Basic Pump Disassembly Part One

Basic Pump Disassembly Part One

Basic Pump Disassembly Part One

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Basic Pump Disassembly Part One

First you will need to take off the foot mounting and shaft key. You will need to put the pump on sort of blocks or clamp to the body to hold it while you take it off.  If you use a vice make sure you use some sort of protection so you want damage your unit you are working on. Next mark the pump inlet, outlet and cover for when you put the unit back together. So the marks all align up, that way you know you have it back together correctly.

Now you will need to take off the four cover screws and take the cover off from the pump. You will see the cover end cartridges. Throw away the square cut seal and orings. Always put new seals on when you tear down a unit to be fixed.

Pull or pry open the cover cartridge from the inlet housing, then set this aside  for disassembly later. Take off four screws from the inlet housing, then take apart the inlet housing and the outlet body. Then you will see the shaft end cartridge. Again throw away any gaskets and orings, always put on new ones when you put your unit back together.

Turn the shaft to loosen it from the cartridge, then take out he cartridge from the body. Just set it aside for disassembly from the body later. Take out the spirolox ring, then slide the shaft and bearing from the outlet body. In  case your bearing is not working correctly, take out the retaining ring and press bearing from the shaft with an arbor press (making sure to really press hard on the inner race of bearing).

Take out the spacer from the outlet body, then drive shaft seal and from outlet body. Make sure you don’t mess up the bore areas where the seals were located at. Next take out the two cartridge kits one at a time.  Also, keep parts separated from one another to no dirt or contamination gets on them during the process of putting everything back together.

Again, take out all gaskets and orings and throw away, always put new ones in the support plate when you put it back together.

The secondary shaft seal is used as a double shaft seal on models only, not on standard units.

This is part one of disassembly.

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