Diaphragm Device Parameters

Diaphragm Device Parameters

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Diaphragm Device Parameters

Diaphragm is basically pistons operating inside a cylinder. It moves pressure from one sealed area to another. If you have hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, the moving cylinder piston is sealed off by a sealing device like an oring, cup, vee packing or a something else like it.  The purpose of he diaphragm also is to limit the stroke and give off a frictionless seal.

A lot o the diaphragms just move from one side to another, like pressure switches and solenoid valves. Diaphragms can be shock absorbers to help with pulsating systems. It can lessen high pressure spikes and smooth the flow of the fluid or gas to make more even flow. Diaphragms are also used on pumps, compressors or if you need outside mechanical force.


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