Hydraulic Systems and Oil Coolers

Hydraulic Systems and  Oil Coolers

Hydraulic Systems and Oil Coolers

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Today’s discussion is about Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Oil Coolers:

Heat is inevitable in the best of hydraulic designs and will turn some of it’s input horsepower into heat. And when reservoirs are incapable of dispersing all the heat, a cooler is used to help out.

Coolers are divided into two groups, air coolers and water coolers.

Air Coolers

In an air cooler, fluid flows thru tubes, in which fins are affixed. A fan helps eliminate the heat by blowing it over the tubes and fins. It is in comparison to an automobile radiator.

Air coolers are used where water is not generally available or too expensive.

Water Coolers

Water coolers have a metal shell with layers of tubes bundled in inside. The hydraulic fluid in this case, is pumped through out the shell and passes over the tubes and circulated with cooling water.

This type of cooler is known as a shell and tube type heat exchanger. And since hydraulic fluid can be heated with the devise by simply running hot water thru the tubes, it is in every since of the word ” A True Heat Exchanger”.

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