Hydraulic Maintenance on Filters

Hydraulic Maintenance on Filters

Hydraulic Maintenance on Filters

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Today we will discuss;

Filters and Maintenance

These steps can help prolong your filters:

The reservoirs on systems need to be kept closed. Keep the recommended breather caps and other similar units to give only clean air flow thru out the reservoir.
The testing of filters on a scheduled basis will help keep track if filters need to be cleaned or just need to be replaced. When a filter is not operating correctly there are signs. If excessive pressure drops and energy is wasted, lets you know it is not working at its highest level of capacity.
All parts need to thoroughly cleaned before putting them back into the system. This applies to replacement parts and any other parts going into the system also. If burrs are present, handle those with care when trying to remove them.
Try using lint free rags when cleaning parts. Lint particles left behind on parts can interfere with the performance of a filter.
If you are painting your unit, keep that out of the flow pattern of the oil. There are very few that can with stand contact with the oil. When you see paint flakes, it may clog up the filter. So making sure that doesn’t come in contact with the filter, as it will reduce how the filter operates.

These types of filters can be cleaned and returned back to the unit for service:

Porous Metal

Screen Type

Mesh Type

Metal Edge

Do not try to clean a fiber type of filter, they are meant to be thrown away. It will cause your units pressure to become excessive.

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