Installing Journal Bearings

Installing Journal Bearings

Installing Journal Bearings

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In this section we will be discussing installing bearing and the techniques

Installing Plain Journal Bearings

Bearing techniques vary from bearing to bearing. Care must be given when installing bearings to make sure alignment is achieved in different applications such as fixed, non self aligning construction.

You can use shims to help in the aide of aligning that are placed beneath the bearing face. If the journal bearing is of the split type, the upper half can be removed to check for alignment after it has been installed and running for a period of time.

If you have improperly installed the bearing, you can tell by a shiny or worn spot on the inner surface, meaning it is not aligned right.

Misalignment that show up as a wear spot on one end of the inner bearing surface will be a wear spot on the other side of the inner bearing surface at its other end.

So when installing, be sure to use lubrication so it will align properly. And so that it will avoid problems for long periods of use.

Let us here from you, send comments, questions or some ways you have found to install bearings in a better way.

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