Journal Bearings

Journal Bearings

Journal Bearings

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Talking about Bearings today…starting with the Journal Bearing

Journal Bearing is called this for the reason it supports the Journal of a shaft. The journal part of the shaft rotates within a bearing. The reason for the journal bearing is to guide an support the rotating shaft and to confine its radial motion. Plain journal bearings are made in the shape of a cylinder or a section of a cylinder and from all kinds of materials.

With so many styles and different kinds of plain journal bearings, they are simple and very versatile. And for this reason, they are found all kinds of equipment.
Standard journal bearings range in size from 1/4″ inch O.D. to five & more inches in diameter.

Advantages of Plain journal
1. Less radial space required.
2. Quieter in operation, especially after being broken in.
3. Less likely to be damaged by contaminating particles.
4. Better resistance to unexpected overload & shock conditions.
5. Cost lower the first time.

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