Different Types of Hydraulic Fluid

Different Types of Hydraulic Fluid

Different Types of Hydraulic Fluid

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Hydrostatic Pump Repair would like to discuss different types of hydraulic fluids to put in your equipment.

Characteristics of the fluid selected should include:

Thermal Stability
Shear Stability
Low Temperature Fluidity
Seal Conditioning for Buna-N & Viton Elastomers

The following types of fluids have been used successfully in the hydrostatic transmission; (1) anti-wear hydraulic oil, (2) automatic transmission fluid – Type “F”, and (3) hydraulic transmission fluid (type used by the Agricultural Industry for combines transmission, hydraulic & wet brake systems). If a fire resistant fluid is required, Pydraul 312 has been used.

Most of the fluid types have good viscosity standards in the operating range of 0 degree F. to 200 degrees F. The fluids chosen should sustain a minimum viscosity of 47 SUS at 210 degrees F. and a maximum measured viscosity of 6000 SUS at the lower end for start up temperatures. Typical fluid properties are listed on the table chart.

Always follow your supplier’s recommendations for your specific type of machine. As lower grade oils may not yield great results.

We are always here to answer any questions you may have on this topic of which fluids we recommend. Or you can comment and tell us your experiences.
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