Sundstrand Sauer Danfoss Minor Repairs

Sundstrand Sauer Danfoss Minor Repairs

Sundstrand Sauer Danfoss Minor Repairs

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Today we will discuss:

Sundstrand Sauer Danfoss Series 40 M46

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs can be done without voiding out your warranty, as shown in the illustration.
Making sure your unit is always clean is one of the key components in prolonging the unit, whether it is a new, used or replacement part/whole unit itself.
By using a solvent to wash the parts/unit with and then letting it air dry. When you do this, it ensures that no contamination of dirt or chemicals will inside your unit or hoses.
Make sure all exposed sealed surfaces and open cavities are kept from being damaged from foreign material from getting into them.
When doing your regular maintenance, it is a good idea to go ahead and change out your gaskets and Orings. Use a lubricate (lightly) on all your Orings with clean petroleum jelly before assembly.
All surfaces should be cleaned before putting on your new gaskets.

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