Piggyback Hydraulic Pump

Piggyback Hydraulic Pump

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Piggyback pumps are a series of pumps on one drive shaft. They have different reservoirs and have different fluids pumped into each pump. This will give the most optimum performance to be able to do the job at hand, to switch over when the operator needs to.

Uses for the piggyback pumps are to give better output situations, than just using multi pumps by letting the pump sections be determined by size to give the best outcome for the task at hand.

While most of the input goes thru the drive shaft, the power comes from and goes out from the pump is most reliant on the shaft.

So make sure you have a reliable mechanic to assemble your units accordingly on your machine. Getting the right combination of multiply units and piggybacks to give the power you need to do the job you need to get done.

If you need further explanation or need repairs done to your unit, give us a all at 800-361-0068


Some of the uses for these types of pump are on utility trucks, articulated front end loaders and shovel loaders.

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