Parker Torqmotor Hydraulic Series TF, TG, TH and TL

Parker Torqmotor Hydraulic Series TF, TG, TH and TL

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Stator Disassembly

Put the stator on the wear plate along with the seal ring and making sure it is down. Also make sure the seal ring is in place.

The bolt holes need to be inline with the wear plate and housing bolts. You will need to tighten it up with your fingers and making sure it is good and secure. Put together the rotor counterbore down. Put it into the stator and goes onto the wear plate that has the rotor splines in the mesh with driver link splines.

Make sure you mark to the rotor, so when you put parts back together correctly.

Put together the vanes into the vane pockets. Do not push the vanes in there very hard, the coating for the vanes could come off.

Hold onto the ouput end of the coupling shaft with a pair of locking pliers and turn the shaft, drive link and rotor to make sure the rotor and the vanes go into the stator half, giving enough clearance to put together seven vanes. Don’t over force it together.

Put the second stator onto a flat area so the seal ring grooves are facing up. Put some grease on the seal ring and put it in the ring groove. Next put the second stator over the alignment studs along with the seal ring, down on the first set. Make sure to align up your marks you made earlier.

Make sure your stator half is the same height, thickness and vanes are alike with putting in the second stator.

Next put vanes into the pocket.

Same instructions for the for assembly of the first stator.

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