Eaton Rotating Group Series 33 Thru 64

Eaton Rotating Group Series 33 Thru 64

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Some general information about this series of rotating groups.

Each series tells the parts and part numbers for the rotating groups. As each series numbers go higher, that means parts will no interchange with all model numbers (you can’t put parts from a 64 in a 33 series).

A (Spacer Height)- B (Shoe Flange + Retainer Plate) = C (Fixed Clearance .008 Max)

Before you start, make surface is clean from debris and clean all parts with fluid. Dry them off with compressed air or lay them out to dry on their own. If any parts are damaged, assess the damage and some may need to be replaced. You will need to replace all gaskets and o rings. When you do put parts together that you put some type of grease on the parts. It helps when you start the pump or motor up to have the internal parts have grease on them for a smooth start up.

When you start to put together start with retainer plate and pistons into the cylinder barrel (lubricate parts), next put in the brass shoe. Check the clearance of the motor before you put parts in. See how high your retaining strap spacer is with a micrometer or calipers. On series 33, 39, 46 have one height measurement and 54, 64 series have another height requirement. Spacers are very important and you can’t interchange those in different units.

Measure the total thickness of the piston shoe flange and shoe retainer plate. Then take away that measurement from the spacer height and that tells the space you have left in the unit. The set clearance you have is .008 inches. If for some reason it has gone over that, you will replace worn out parts.

You can also use a feeler gauge to tell the clearance.

If you need Eaton parts of any kind, we can assist you with that. Also we can repair your pumps and motors or if you need a new one…we can help with that also.

You can call with questions or email us your information like pictures of your unit and tell us what is going on with it.


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