Sunstrand Series 40 Parts ID

Sunstrand Series 40 Parts ID

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This is for M46 styles of pumps, single and tandem variable displacement pump manual tells what parts go into that pump or motor. Such parts are cylinder block, valve plate, and housing.

If you have older units, the manual is a great help. It may have updated service bulletins that let you when new parts replace older ones. And if you can get those older parts any longer.

Like housings of older units, which ones take EDC, HDC or MDC. Some older housings will only take one of the controls. The update housing has a hole C where the ones have no hole.

Cylinder blocks on older models are .7″ in dimension and the new one is 1″and have different part numbers. So ask for those up to date p/ns.

Valve Plates on older models have three different plates to choose from. B dimension is 5.5″ another one is .9″ and lastly one is 1.01″. Will need the part numbers for each one.

If you need any further information on these parts for repair ore replacements. Call us at 800-361-0068

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