Drop In Valves

Drop In Valves

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If your solenoid regulator valve has a bore that needs some attention, there are other ways to deal with this.

Sometimes you can use a drop in valve, that is made to be in the areas that haven’t been affected in the valve body bore so that it doesn’t stick and you will not have to ream it out.

You can do this another way by putting a replacement sleeve, new valve and spring in the worn out bore hole. By putting that in there by having a smaller bore and give the original solenoid pressure. You might call this a drop in valve replacement. And it doesn’t have to be reamed.

This next way does require you to ream the bore hole and putting in a sleeve and a valve. It gives you back the original setup and has better grade of aluminum so it wear down so fast. If you happen to have a bore that was not done correctly, you may need to do this option.

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