RS Series Hydraulic Pumps

RS Series Hydraulic Pumps

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These types of pumps can be changed out with MG and MF, Charlynn H/S and Danfoss OMP/OMR, as well as Parkers.

Features on these pumps are that they have a modified driven link splines for less chipping, match ground shaft to housing fit, viton shaft seal, three zone rotor set and closed end keyaway. You can also have these added to it free turning , tight side clearance, relief port housing, added relief valves and single/dual speed sensors.

They can operate with pressure up to 2000 psi and flow rate up to 20 gpm. You can go up to eleven displacement options, going from 3.2-24.9 cubic inches. They come with different mounting flanges and output shafts.

These pump and motors are a low cost option for your light to medium applicaitons. Below are list of specs and diagrams

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