Installation of V Seals

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The seals come in all kinds of sizes, stacking heights and composites to fill all different kinds of applications. They are multiply lip seals that are made up of large number of rings, that seal rods and pistons.

The vee seal is made up of homogeneous and fabric that is a strengthened composite to assist in different pressures and mediums. When making your selection of fabric it should be on this criteria, your operating pressure, temperature and type of air or fluid medium to figure out the right combo to make the seals function correctly.

These seals as mentioned before are endless rings, but can be ordered with the rings split. And you can special order these seals with different heights and diameters that are out of the spiral coil. Also come in metric.

Different uses for these seals are for construction, industrial, off road equipment, service stations, hydraulic valves and so much more.

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