Vickers Pump Operations

Vickers Pump Operations

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Vickers Pump Operations

Your fluid flow is always in the pumping cartridge. How the cartridge works is when the rotor is determined by the ring next to the driveshaft, that is coupled to a power source. When the rotor turns, centrifugal force on the vanes, that is helped along by under vane pressure fed from the outlet port. It will cause the vanes to go toward the elliptical inner surface of the ring.

Circular movement of the vanes and the turning of the motor makes the chamber volume go between the vanes to rise as the vanes pass the inlet sections of the ring. It will give you a low pressure situation that will let atmospheric pressure to push fluid into the chambers.

If there is another inlet fluid direction then you will have a drilled hole in the cam ring. That hole goes to the inlet port directly to the inlet space of the cam ring and gives an extra flow way for the fluid to get into the cartridge.

Fluid is encased between the vanes and sent past a sealing land to the outlet section of the ring. When it gets to the outlet area the chamber volume is lowered and fluid is pushed out into the system. System pressure is gravitated under the vanes, making sure the sealing is in contact up against the ring amidst normal operation.

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