Rod Wipers for Cylinders

Rod Wipers for Cylinders

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Rod Wipers for Cylinders


Rod wipers are need to make sure the rod and cylinder are clean and don’t have debris on it, so it want fail to preform application. This is not a pressure sealing element, but it does try to stay away from abrasive effects that could lead to contaminates getting into the sealing and rod bearing elements.

These rod wipers come with elastomer which is carboxilated nitrile that has higher abrasive resistance, extra tear strength and harder. The elastomer is also good at stopping fluids, high temps and compression set.  The rod wiper works best when it is made of elastic in nature.

This is useful in oil drilling, submarines, pumps/presses,  construction equipment, industrial machinery, off road equipment, valves and pneumatics, and much more.


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