Hydraulic T Seals

Hydraulic T Seals

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Hydraulic T Seals


It is essential you know certain things before getting seal for whatever unit you are working on. You will need to know the pressure range, temperature range, maximum diametrical clearance and seal width. The main reason a seal wears out is the clearance gap. They can be pinched or cut into, if not seated properly.  So make sure you know what you need to do the job correctly.

T seals are more compact than your usual seals, will fit in the groove better. They are a compressed seal so it is more reliable in double acting applications.  And it is more compressed so that doesn’t allow low pressure leakage. These types of seals make use of the hydraulic pressure to make sure the seal is engaged with the rod or cylinder wall, which in turn doesn’t let extrusion happen.

T seals doesn’t allow spiral rolling to go on when the piston or rod movement occur. And even when low pressures let in the backup rings that are locked into the sealing element to stay in place.


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