Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinders

Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinders

Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinders

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Telescopic cylinders have many features about it that would make it a great fit for your hydraulic needs.

They offer different mounting styles, cross lube or lug mounts. You can have upon request a welded trunnion mount.

Made out of 11/18″ machined steel so that ballooning want happen.

It also cost less for these cylinders that are high pressure design and of welded construction that lowers the size of cylinder, pump and its reservoir.

There are inside rings within the cylinder walls that give positive stops for both stages of extension to stop damage to the bearings and sleeves when the cylinder is elongated.

The smallest chart give you pounds of thrust.

The larger one give you specifics of stroke, closed lengths and many other features. And these are the most common. If require special features on cylinder they will have to be adapted for that.

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