Directional Control Valves KA18

Directional Control Valves KA18

Directional Control Valves KA18

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Directional Control Valves KA18

Code                                                        Description

AS                                                           inlet with screw adj. relief valve

AT                                                           inlet with screw adj. tamper proof relief valve

AD                                                           inlet with dual setting R/V

CA                                                           inlet without relief valve


Combination inlet/ outlet sections

AS = function

5 = high pressure port on top

0 = tank return port on top

0 = high pressure port on side

0 = tank return port on side


Port type                                     Porting Code

no ports                                       0

1/2″ BSP                                      1

3/4″ BSP                                     2

SAE-8                                          3

SAE – 10                                      4

DAE – 12                                      5


If no ports are needed on top SAE – 8 or 1/2″ BSP ports will be plugged. If you have one on top port, then the other one will be the same and plugged.

Full size inlet ports are not available at the same time.  The SAE – 8 port is available if the other port is full size.

The chart below is an example code only.


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