Denison Auxiliary & Barrel Shaft Assy

Denison Auxiliary & Barrel Shaft Assy

Denison Auxiliary & Barrel Shaft Assy

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Denison Barrel and Auxiliary Shaft Assembly
1. Fit in the barrel (1) with the bores facing
down on a clean area.

Place the hold down spring (3) into barrel counter-
Put in spring retainer (5) into counter bore and
seat next to spring.

Place the retaining ring (6) into barrel counter-
bore groove. Align retaining ring so that it is fully
seated in groove.

Fix the barrel stop (4) over auxiliary drive
shaft (2). Rotate barrel on side and put the auxiliary
drive shaft and barrel stop into the barrel
spline and hold down spring.


Part Number Explanation
1 1 – 513-45381 Barrel & sleeve assy Pi 1 P only
– 1 S13-43965 Barrel & sleeve assy PHP only
2 i 1 033-71603 Auxiliary drive shaft
3 i t 033-71562 Hold down spring
4 1 1 033-71561 Barrel stop
5 1 1 033-71560 Spring retainer
6 i 1 033-71564 Retaining ring

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