John Deere Hydraulic Oil Chart

John Deere Hydraulic Oil Chart

John Deere Hydraulic Oil Chart

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Today we will discuss;

John Deere 755B Crawler – Hydraulic Oil

The conditions surrounding the air temperature range between the oil changes, use oil viscosity on the temperature chart provide here.

John Deere recommends Hy Gard Transmission and Hydraulic Oil. It is designed to decrease brake chatter and yield a greater protection against mechanical wear.

The engine oil needs to be within range of the following:

CD/SF, CE/SE, CD/SD, CD/SC, (MIL-L210AC, MIL-L-2194D, MIL-L-46152B)

These types meet the minimum standards:

JDM, J20A, J20C,J20B, J20D

Oil meeting MIL-L-46167A – used as Arctic Oil.

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