Fluid Sensing Pressure Reducing Valve

Fluid Sensing Pressure Reducing Valve

Fluid Sensing Pressure Reducing Valve

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Today we will discuss:

Pressure Reducing Valves

A pressure reducing valve is an open pressure control valve. A pressure reducing valve knows when a sensing fluid pressure fluid has passed through the valve. When the pressure downstream is the same as the setting of the valve, the spool is particular closed causing a restricted flow path.

When that much restriction is in to play, it turns any extra pressure energy ahead of the valve into heat.

If the pressure, after the heat drops off, the spool will open and allow pressure to build up again.

The illustration shows the clamp circuit requires that clamp cylinder(B) apply a lesser force that clamp A.

A pressure reducing valve put in just ahead of clamp cylinder (B) will give flow to go to cylinder until pressure reaches the setting of the valve.

It is now that the valve spool is actuated, giving off a restriction to that leg of the circuit. If you have to much pressure ahead of the valve it is turned into heat.

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