Racine Variable Volume Pump SV80-100

Racine Variable Volume Pump SV80-100

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Flange mounted RH rotation pump is shown here w/med. keyed shaft. Don’t tighten up too tight.

Flange mounted is RH rotation w/med. combo shaft.

Viton Seal Kit

Single End Shaft & Combo 723733

Double End Shaft 794119

Double end, seal kits have one of each of these STD, Kit and One Shaft Seal

For Repair Kits

Rear Port Pumps

Kit has 2- bearings, 1- rotor, 1- set of vanes, 1- pressure ring, 4- roll pins, or 2- keys, 1 – seal kit and 2-port plates

Changes made on the distance on 40 pumps are from the pump mounting flange to the middle of the port are lessened by 1/8″ You can use a spacer to make up the difference if need be.

When the torque limiter control or if you have a compensator, use it to shim. If you make changes to the name tag coding by making any conversions, change your tag. And you will need to reset your pump by the pump size.

If your doing the first stage, remember it can’t be purchased by itself. They only sell the whole compensator.

This is a RH Rotation design. And included in seal kit (viton) if you see a * #723733

If you have a coupling system it is known as a wet design. The lead pump don’t have a rear shaft seal. It lets the adaptor fill fluid to grease and cool the coupling. If the trailing pump goes over 65lbs you will need a different part number. Roll pins need to be pushed into the pump before you put it together.

This includes support guides for both tandem mounting kits. When you have a height difference for different applications, you will need to have your own support rods and lock nuts.

You will need support rods if it goes over 65 lbs for trailing pump.

You will need to put the support rod mount so the bottom of the rod is hooked to the same mounting area as the electric motor and pump flange bracket.

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