Vickers Vane Double Pump 4535V

Vickers Vane Double Pump 4535V

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Chart of model code for this pump

The right and left rotation parts are the same. Usually when you order cartridges, it comes in a kit. The kits are put together as right hand or left hand, so please make mention of that when ordering.

Use proper fluids in cleaning of these pumps, so it will last longer and perform better.

Model Cover 4535V***22*-*280 430172 4535V***22*-* 379585

Seals need to be soaked when you put them together with a 10W oil. Also, make sure the put it together with the seal lip pointing toward the bearing.

Seperate cartridge parts cannot be interchanged with other like parts of older models. If you have the whole cartridge sets they can be interchanged with older models.

Black triangle = it is in #922866 seal kit Black circle = it is in cartridge kit F3 similar seal kit #919346

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