Bosch SV10/15 Variable Volume Pump

Bosch SV10/15 Variable Volume Pump

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Listed below are diagrams and charts that tell about parts list, parts, adapter couplings, seal kits and etc. It tells what models get what parts and how they go on.

On item 15 you will need to put molykote g paste or something like it on the ball. Also this pump has a medium keyed shaft and has a manifold mounting with a right hand rotation.

On the top two the one on the left : * means it is in the seal kit and can be for SV10 and SV15 ** means that on most compensated & load sensing compensating pump the screw is put on to mount the first stage to the pump body. Optional compensators or controls can use 491838 ferry head cap screws. And don’t tighten it to hard all at once. *** not shown on here. Second sets of charts, the one on the left: the kit 778364 has one piece………778358, 794468 have one piece The bottom chart tells what is in the kit. It has one rotor shaft, one key, one set of vanes, four roll pins, two port plates, two bearigns, one pressure ring and one seal kit.
The distance that is from the pump mounting flange to the center of the port elevated by 3/8″ on both models. The chart at the bottom of the page coupling system is a wet design. The main pump don’t have a rear shaft seal. It lets the adapter to fill with fluid to grease up and cool the coupling. ** = When the trailing pump goes over 65 lbs use this certain part. * = Roll pins need to be pressed into the pump before you put it together.

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