Definition of a Hydraulic Double Pump

Definition of a Hydraulic Double Pump

Definition of a Hydraulic Double Pump

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Hydraulic Double Pumps

The vane pumps is usually referred to as a single pump, it has one inlet, one outlet and a single cartridge assembly. They also are called double pumps. It has a housing with two cartridges assy., one or two inlets and two separate outlets. It can be said it is a double pump with two pumps in one housing.

A double pump can let out two different flow rates from each of the outlets. And since they share a connection to a common shaft, one electric motor is used to drive the whole unit.

They are used in hi – lo circuits and where there are two different flow rates that are derived from the same power unit.

Double pumps produce twice the flow as that of a single, without have a larger unit.

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